Can Safetica
Keep You Safe?

12 Feb 2019

You’d think so given the name…

You might not have heard of them yet, but you will. Soon. They’ve got their eye on you.

Formed in the Czech Republic in 2007 by Jakub Mahdal, Safetica Technologies as it has been known since 2011 offer a data loss prevention (DLP) solution and we have to say, it’s excellent.

Put very simply (in their own words), ‘Safetica prevents data leaks so your customer data doesn’t land in someone else’s hands.’

Put slightly more techy, Safetica:

  • Covers all data leak channels
  • Identifies suspicious trends and activity
  • Saves businesses the costs of repairing a data breach
  • Reduces personnel costs


80% of businesses experience a security incident every year. The average cost to put it right
is around £3 million and two-thirds of SMEs go out of business within six months of a data breach.

Who Is Safetica?


As we said, the company formed in 2007 and in 2011, the first iteration of Safetica DLP was released. Very quickly, the company partnered with investor Ondřej Tomek who put in $1 million for R&D. In 2015 they raised $1.5 million for product development and took on CEO Petr Žikeš.

What’s of most interest to us at Koncise is that Safetica have partnered with award-winning endpoint security company ESET to bundle their tech with ESET’s antivirus products, immediately opening up a 180+ country market.

Like we said, you may not have heard of them yet, but you will do.


What Does It Actually Do?


We know we repeat the same messages all the time and forgive us for beating this particular drum again but if a message is worth hearing it’s worth repeating…

Your business critical data is your most important asset. You really don’t want it getting into the wrong hands because if it does, you’re screwed.

Prevents Data Loss
It safeguards key company data as well as providing BYOD security for employee-owned devices. No data in a company’s protected zone can sneak out on these devices. Employees are prevented from utilising key data to start their own businesses or give vital information to a competitor.

Safeguards Misdirected Files
It prevents misdirected files from getting into the wrong hands, either inside or outside an organisation and alerts management to potential dangers.

Detects Attacks
It identifies socially engineered attacks and blackmail attempts at the initial stages, preventing them from damaging your company.

Encrypts Data To Prevent Misuse
Important data is protected even if laptops & flash drives are lost or stolen. The whole disc or selected files remain encrypted and unreadable by the thief.

Resource Management
It controls printer use, applications and limits excessive online activity. It identifies changes in productivity (as it diminishes) to reveal potentially dangerous trends on a timely basis.

Safetica Is…

  • Cost-effective
  • Very easily deployed
  • What your business needs to secure its information quickly and easily


It Gives You…

  • Analysis of your company’s internal security
  • Real-time notifications in case of incident
  • A way to educate users and prevent accidental data leaks
  • Monthly overviews, emailed straight to your inbox
  • Online access to incident overview and details


And You’ll Learn…

  • What data has leaked out of your company
  • Who manipulated confidential data without authorisation
  • Where regulatory compliance incidents are happening
  • What documents were printed unnecessarily
  • Which software licenses are not being utilised


From a nugget of an idea in the Czech Republic to a world-class DLP solution a decade later. We were invited to a training session last week by ESET and as we said at the top of the blog, it’s a very, very good product.

For more information on Safetica and anything and everything cloud-related, email us today on or call 020 7078 0789.


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