Connect Is The New Disconnect

04 Mar 2020

The world of work is changing faster than any of us could have imagined and if your default position is ‘we’re OK as we are, thanks’ rather than embracing the new world order, you’re taking a massive risk – not just one that will have a detrimental effect on your business but also on your staff, your clients, your suppliers and all the other stakeholders with whom you deal every day.

You might be happy to keep the status quo because it’s easier and less hassle to change but they certainly aren’t. Nor are your competitors.

Businesses and organisations of all sizes and complexities are taking new and innovative approaches to flexible working, digital up-skilling, diversity & inclusion and employee wellbeing – as they should be – but the future belongs to connected companies.


What’s A Connected Company We Hear You Ask?


There doesn’t appear to be a unified definition of what a connected company is but Workplace by Facebook is as close as it gets.

Workplace by Facebook connects everyone in your company through an internal social network and gives your staff the freedom to turn ideas into positive action. Through a familiar interface and features including live video, news feeds, groups, Messenger and search, you can work together and get more done.

A connected company transforms communications, workflows and corporate culture, it enables a seamless flow of information and knowledge sharing and it builds productive communities that bridge cultural nuance, language, devices and networks. When a business is connected, great things can – and do – happen.

In this blog, we’re looking at two reports, both from Workplace by Facebook. The first is what they called a ‘2019 wrap-up’ and the second looks at the business predictions, ideas and innovations that will shape 2020 and beyond.

The 2019 wrap-up reads like a massive advert. It talks about specific companies who use WbF and how they have benefitted as well as giving an overview of their services and how good it is. Thing is, it’s all true and you can read it here.


So What’s Going To Happen in 2020 And Beyond?


Facebook is attempting to do for businesses what they do for 1.7 billion people – connect everyone, everywhere. They confidently predict that the future will belong to connected companies but their Business Predictions For 2020 report has asked a global team of experts from across the C-suite to share their ‘bold business predictions’ for the next 12 months.

Here’s what they had to say…

Mindy Grossman, CEO of WW (formerly Weight Watchers) on Human Impact

‘My prediction is that brands that are being bolder about the impact they want to have on the human side of the business as well as the financial will be the ones that are going to be successful over the short and long term.’

Alex Trigo, People, Strategy & Performance, The Warehouse Group on The Talent Gap

‘I think about a talent shortage. Not because there’s a gap in skills but because people are going to be more focused on what they bring to the table and how you, as an organization, are tapping what they have to offer. That means they’re going to be more selective.’

Daniel Davis, Engagement & Comms Officer, Honest Burgers on Human-Focused Tech

‘We’ll see a Monzo for at least five more sectors. That means a human-focused technology company blowing apart a traditional product or industry.’

Actually, this one is particularly interesting because we can see this happening before our very eyes. In an article from The Independent back in May 2015, Hamish McRae told us that (at the time of writing) –

Uber, the world’s largest taxi firm owns no cars.
Facebook, the world’s largest social media company creates no content.
Alibaba, the world’s most valuable retailer carries no stock.
Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no property.

Uber is a tech business, not a taxi business.
Facebook is a tech business, not a social media business.
Alibaba is a tech business, not a retail business.
Airbnb is a tech business, not an accommodation rental business.

And so it continues…

Ashley Bellview, Director of Internal Comms at on New Decision Makers

‘Decisions will stop being made from the top. Things are changing so fast right now that we’ll see more decisions being made by younger generations. The most successful companies will be the ones that are able to adapt and listen and really harness the power that we’re seeing from these younger employees.’

Suzie Elliott, CHRO at Farmers Insurance on Work As A Destination

‘I think we’ll see HR starting to play more of a role in real estate. If we’re going to build connected communities, we need to start thinking about the massive investments we’re making in bricks and mortar. Is it truly a destination that people want to come to? HR is going to play a much bigger role in working out what that destination looks like.’

Humberto Salicetti, Partner at PwC on Start-Up Disruption

‘I think we will see start-ups play an even bigger role in shaping the world of business. We have a generation of entrepreneurs that are pushing hard. I think there’s a good opportunity to create new things. That’s a challenge for legacy businesses that continue to flourish today but may have to address changes in the future.’

Nikki Sumpter, CHRO at Atlantic Health System on Leading With Lifestyle

‘My bold prediction is that lifestyle is going to outweigh work. We’ve talked about work-life balance for many years, then it was work-life blend. But I believe the most important thing is going to be how work integrates into your lifestyle. I think lifestyle is going to lead and work will come second.’

Daniel Sundin, Director of Internal Comms at Petco on The End Of The Internet

‘If I had to make a big claim for 2020, I think platforms like Workplace will replace the intranet for many companies. Static content just really has no value anymore. Also, real-time communication is going to replace the help desk. I’ll just contact a fellow employee to get my question answered. That’s where I see us headed.’

And we’ll leave the last word to…

Karandeep Anand, VP, Workplace by Facebook on Measuring Meaning

‘What it means to be fulfilled at work will fundamentally shift. We’ll start talking less about benefits and more about fulfilment, growth and empowerment. That will start showing up as actual tools and measurement systems. So we’ll see a massive shift in people analytics that enables us to talk about these things that have never been part of our business language before.’

What about you? What are your predictions for 2020 and beyond?

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