Could YOU Spot An Insider Threat?

20 Jun 2018

Insider Threat. Sounds sinister doesn’t it? In fact it sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster about a White House whistle-blower.

It isn’t. At least not yet.

It is, however, a threat to your business.

Research shows that insider threats are responsible for almost 75% of security breaches and there’s no debate amongst tech security experts that insider threats represent a detrimental threat to your business and its critical data – not to mention the negative impact it can have on the reputation of your brand.

As always, the reason these threats pose such a risk is the difficulty in identifying them as such. Do you know what they look like? Could you spot one, and even if you could, would you know what to do once you find it?

You may not, but ZoneFox do.

To support businesses who want to tackle these most insidious of threats, our partners ZoneFox have put together a comprehensive guide to help you identify possible insider risks, delivering a detailed overview of key insider profiles and taking a thorough look into motivations, actions and mitigation for each one.

The guide will teach you how to spot different types of insider – the disgruntled employee, the innocent, the quitter who plans to resign or the corporate spy – and it will also give you value-added insights into what you can do once you’ve identified your threat – from damage assessment to taking the appropriate course of action.

Don’t leave the insider threat risk to chance. Click here to get your Insider Threat demo now. It may be the most business-savvy move you make today…

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