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16 Oct 2019

It’s a tired, well-used cliché but your company’s data is only as good as the security you have in place and Cymulate is at the forefront of ensuring it stays safe.

As you will have read countless times – many of those times in our blog posts – email is the most frequently used method of attack by hackers for exploiting security weaknesses and compromising corporate environments and research suggests that over 75% of global cyberattacks originate from a malicious email where the recipient is invited to click on what they think is a genuine link or attachment.

If you’re in any doubt as to the authenticity of what you’re about to open – any doubt at all – don’t do it. Let your IT guys know. And don’t be fooled into thinking that because you’re a small business the baddies don’t bother with you. They do.

From Cymulate’s own website – Major companies, government agencies, and political organisations have been (and will be) the target of such attacks in the future. The more sensitive the information that an organisation handles, the higher the chance of becoming a target. Furthermore, this attack method is also used for direct attacks on specific organisations and even for sporadic global attacks trying to reach as many unwary individuals as possible.


Enter Cymulate


At the click of a button, you can validate and manage your email security with what they call an automated SaaS-based breach and attack simulation platform.

In a nutshell, their software allows you to run simulated attacks on your infrastructure using both known, and zero-day methods – a software security flaw that is known to the software vendor but doesn’t have a patch in place to fix the flaw – with a single click and a single agent deployed on your network.

You can watch the video of their Breach & Attack Simulation Platform here.

But don’t worry, they only use benign payloads that behave in a malicious way so even if there are exploitable holes, you won’t suffer the consequences of having to clean it up.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

Using Cymulate’s software, it tests the strength of your security by simulating thousands of possible cyberattack threats across all attack vectors – including web apps, email, phishing and endpoints – based on MITRE ATT&CK, a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

Find The Holes

When the simulator has done its thing, it generates a quantifiable risk score and two detailed reports for you (usually within 10-15 minutes). One for your IT department detailing your up-to-the-minute security posture and one for management with a high-level overview of exactly where you are.

Fix The Holes

Not only does Cymulate tell you where your holes are, it gives you direct instructions so you can reduce your attack surface using your existing security controls so you can prioritise which gaps to close first and minimise your exposure to risk.

The beauty is that you can run the simulations as often as you want to.

Click here for your free trial and we promise, it’s a genuine link!

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