Digital Transformation – The Drivers

17 Sep 2019

Next month (9-10 October), the Digital Transformation Expo arrives at ExCel London and in their own words, the exhibition will ‘cut through the hype and guide you on the Digital Transformation (DX) journey of your organisation.’

You can look forward to free seminars, expert speakers, 16,000+ attendees, 300+ speakers and 260 exhibitors and the keynote speakers include:

  • Sir John Sawyers, the former head of MI6 talking about state-sponsored hacking
  • Mathematician Dr Hannah Fry discussing the differences between human intelligence and AI
  • Garry Kasparov, the world’s most famous chess player talking about ethics and responsibility in the age of AI
  • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley who literally wrote the book on modern AI
  • Samy Kamkar, an independent security researcher (former world-class hacker), best known for creating The MySpace worm, the fastest spreading virus of all time

Anyway, it’s going to be a good one but how does Okta help companies to navigate the often complex world of digital transformation we hear you ask?


Here’s How


As you’ll no doubt have read on our website, Okta are the world’s leading cloud-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) provider. They are trusted by many of the world’s leading media and tech businesses including Adobe, 20th Century Fox, Experian and News Corp to safely and securely connect them to the apps they need to work faster and smarter. Employees are productive, partners are engaged and customers are delighted.

So that’s the marketing guff and it talks the talk but what about some actual case studies to make sure Okta can walk the walk?

OK, since you mention it, here are a few (and once you know what they do and how they do it, contact us and we’ll let you know how cost-effective it is).


A Big Retail Organisation We Can’t Name


With 5,000 users, the unnamed behemoth used to spend £7m a year just on provisioning and de-provisioning laptops for their employees. With Okta, they have not only drastically reduced their financial outlay, they have streamlined the process so as a new employee joins the company, they:

  • Input their use into their HR system creating an employee record
  • That record gets pushed to IT and produces an order with their laptop provider who use the corresponding image (with relevant applications) depending upon the group the employee sits within
  • The laptop is then shipped directly to the user’s home address or office before they’ve even sat down for their first day
  • On day 1 they have complete access to everything they need to hit the ground running

How much more efficient is that than the usually tiresome on-boarding process of hours wasted, restricted access and patiently (or not so in some cases) waiting for usernames and passwords so they can access the key apps they need?

We’ll tell you. A lot more.


A Big Hospitality & Entertainment Organisation We Can Name


It’s MGM Resorts. They have 77,000 employees and revenues of something like $10 billion and they use Okta’s B2C capabilities to capture and share visitor information across their different sites in Las Vegas so that visitors are welcomed and recognised in any of the MGM properties they happen to be frequenting.

Whereas previously each property kept its own record – a visitor may be a VIP in one hotel but unknown in another – the system allows the group to personalise its visitor experience and better interact and engage with its guests.


An Investment Banking Client We Can’t Name


We are talking to a niche investment bank who currently run a core on-premises system. Right now, clients have to phone or email to get access to their account but they’ve got a new, tech-focussed CEO who wants to explore his options for a clean and efficient way for clients to access their accounts online.

They have a robust tech infrastructure in place and by installing Okta on the front-end, they will very quickly be able to offer secure availability to their clients via an online portal. While they’re doing that, they will be able to update, migrate and/or modernise their systems behind the scenes and simply present the new systems to users via Okta without any noticeable change to the UX.


Another Group of Companies We Can’t Name


We’re in discussions with a potential client (nope, you won’t get the name out of us) who are looking to standardise access controls across multiple O365 tenants. It’s a great use case for Okta to provide single policy propagation and visibility to reduce admin overheads and human error when propagating policies.

While the term ‘digital transformation’ is still a buzzword, it’s popularity has been largely superseded by ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’ and as we delve deeper into the 21st century, we’ll bear further witness to the digital transformation which will include the 2019 and 2020 buzzwords like:

  • Immersive Experience
  • 3D Alteration
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Quantum Computing
  • Big Data
  • Robot Process Automation

And the likelihood is that we’ll blog about them at some point so watch this space…

Contact us today on or call 020 7078 0789 and we’ll talk cloud security, how to prevent data breaches, cutting-edge IT solutions or what’s the king of burgers, the Big Mac, the Whopper, the KFC Fillet Burger or the half-pounder from your local kebab shop at 3am after a skinful…


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