Eight Things You Should Definitely Know About Koncise Solutions

28 Jul 2020

This month, Koncise Solutions celebrated our eighth year in business. Whilst COVID-19 may have put a stop to any in-person celebrations, it hasn’t stopped us having a little think about where we’ve been over the last 8 years, where we are now and where we’re heading to next.

Whether you’ve been with us for the whole journey, or if you’re considering hopping aboard the Koncise train in the future, here are 8 things you should know about us, our solutions and how we like to do business. There are some big things, some small, but all are equally as important. Go on, have a read, we might surprise you…!


1. Our original ambition


Believe it or not, when we started out 8 years ago, the goal for wasn’t for Koncise Solutions to become a money-making machine that would just rake in the big bucks (hence why we’re not writing this from our own private island in the Caribbean).

Instead, we set out to build a company that fosters a positive and supportive working environment with a team that has the attitudes to match. After all, a happy team leads to happy, well cared-for clients. And we’ve done just that; our team love working together, and we think it shows in how we do business.


2. Cloud and only cloud


We’ve always had a focus on software, but roughly 5 years ago, we made the shift to working with cloud-vendors only. Because what could be better for our customers than doing one thing and doing it really well? Our pedigree and technical experience with cloud-first technology has helped us build great relationships with our vendors, and for some of them we are now their biggest partner because of this focus and dedication.

Today we’re in a scenario that nobody could have predicted (except for maybe Bill Gates). Cloud solutions have been integral to organisations’ survival globally, with many more traditional businesses reactively onboarding more cloud tools than they ever thought they might. The focus now needs to be on proactively managing those solutions as part of an effective ‘next steps’ strategy.


3. Supporting sustainable growth


Now that the COVID-19 dust has somewhat settled, many businesses we work with want to create growth in a sustainable way. Establishing which technologies and cloud-based services will support them is an essential part of this process. Contradictory to the speed with which everyone had to equip themselves for remote working, we understand that a return to growth isn’t going to be an overnight process, but emphasise the important part that IT can play.


4. We’re not playing the numbers game


Currently we’ve got around 75 clients with 50,000 users amongst them, but those numbers are meaningless if our clients aren’t happy. Over the years, Koncise Solutions has grown gradually and organically to be where we are now. We’ve done so by sourcing truly unique, invaluable cloud solutions that span security, collaboration and general cloud services. We’re not chasing crazy growth targets, or trying to get pally with as many vendors as possible, we’re just trying to match great tools with those who need them.


5. Architecturally unique solutions


Our chosen vendor partners are market leaders and market creators.

We work with pioneering vendors who seek out and solve problems that make our clients’ working day a bit (or in most cases, a lot) easier.

We cherry-pick universally relevant, innovative new solutions that we call foundation products. Every solution we offer can be deployed into any stack, anywhere. If a tool’s effectiveness is biased towards a specific hardware vendor or application stack set-up, then we’re not interested. We’re interested in solutions that just help and just work, with no conditions attached.


6. The right products at the right time


We’ll regularly find ourselves chatting to prospective clients for about 12-18 months before they engage us fully. This may seem like a long run-up, but we often find that we meet businesses at a point when they are seeing out a product licence or waiting for their renewal date. In the meantime, we’ll spend as much time as you need talking you through the prospective switch, and we’ll be right there when you need us. An added bonus is that, in that time, we truly get to understand your business. It makes a great foundation for a sustainable, long-term partnership.


7. The hard sell is not for us


Nothing is worse than having to fend off a pushy salesperson. At Koncise Solutions, we prefer to let things happen more organically. Rather than banging down your door, we’ll be the ones that pop up occasionally to say: “I saw this, and I thought of you.” It might be a great new solution, or it might just be an interesting article, but either way it’ll only be something that we think could be of genuine interest. Making these connections is critical to how we have earnt trust and why our customers have chosen us.


8. We love a coffee and a catch-up


Catching up with our customers is our favourite way to find out what’s new in their world, whether that’s virtually or in-person. We don’t just want to find solutions to the challenges you’re facing, it’s important to us to know what’s working for you, and where you’re thinking of going next.

When we’re able to safely meet up again, the coffee is on us. Just let us know how you take yours.

If you want to know more about the solutions we offer, or even if you just fancy debating whether sausages or burgers are king of the barbecue food groups, then contact us today on info@koncisesolutions.com or call us on 020 7078 0789.

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