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Greater Digital Inclusivity

08 Apr 2020

Talk about the best of both worlds. Fuze powers business communication through a secure, robust global platform that unifies voice, video and messaging into one cloud application, and Microsoft is, well, Microsoft.

Back in February Fuze announced the missing piece of their jigsaw – an integration with Microsoft Teams and – corporate cliché warning –  it’s goal, says Jed Brown, SVP of Products at Fuze is to ‘eliminate the barriers to productivity so workers can spend more time driving business forward. This integration with Microsoft Teams is the latest development in our effort to enable cross-platform collaboration and increase workforce proficiency.’

Sounds like that entire quote came from an online jargon generator but actually the last line of the quote is the bit that really matters to their clients and not just written to provide a nice soundbite on a tech website:

‘By integrating with Teams, enterprise IT leaders can transition their entire telephony infrastructure to the cloud, gaining the same rich capabilities as a traditional on-premises solution.’

And it’s not just Fuze who see the benefits of integrating Teams. Last week Slack announced they were adding MS Teams’ calling integration features.


But It Wasn’t Always Like This


No, it wasn’t. Traditionally Fuze (like most other vendors) wanted their clients to use their desktop and mobile apps but understood what they were good at and what they needed help with. One of the many reasons why Fuze is the world’s #1 comms platform for the global enterprise.

Throw that into the mixing bowl with Teams’ 44 million daily active users* and you can see why this is a match made in tech heaven.

*It’s worth noting that this number is artificially high thanks to the fact that no-one can have actual meetings for a while but still, Teams is being used on a global scale.


Perfect Partners


We caught up with Koncise Account Manager Stephen Dorling for his take on the integration between Fuze and MS Teams which encourages, so says the Fuze presser on the subject, ‘greater digital inclusivity….’

‘Generally speaking, Teams has been great for instant messaging (both intra-company and for speaking with external stakeholders like clients or suppliers) but it has been weak when it came to its telephony and one-to-many conferencing backbone.’

The issue appears to have stemmed from the fact that Microsoft is, well, Microsoft. Ever since the birth of the personal computer, Microsoft has been sitting on the gold throne at the top table of tech. They were ground-breakers. They were pioneers. The uber-cringeworthy Windows95 launch presentation aside, the company is, by any and every criteria in which accomplishment is measured, one of history’s most successful businesses.

But, says Stephen, they’re not getting it all their own way. ‘The chink in their armour regarding telephony and one-to-many conferencing is that they have recently struggled to be the centralised communications hub that they (and their clients) want – and need – them to be.’


The Benefits Of The Match Made In Tech Heaven


Amongst many, the key benefits of the integration are:

  • Meet anytime, every time. Fuze’s integration with Teams enables users to create meetings with ease. Simply enter @fuze in the chat field of any Teams conversation and attendees will enjoy vibrant HD video and flawless audio quality, whether joining via desktop, mobile, or web
  • Call anyone and everyone. With this integration, users can launch calls to contacts, numbers or extensions from a Teams conversation or the sidebar, with exceptional quality every time

In a nutshell you can meet anytime and every time and call everyone. Doesn’t seem like there’s a downside.

The integration will build on Fuze’s intuitive unified communications and contact centre platform solution. The full environment allows for seamless transitions between multiple forms of communication in an easy-to-access cloud environment.

We’ve over-used the cliché but this really does offer businesses the best of both worlds.

While Teams can be the de facto desktop app for businesses and their clients and stakeholders, it is very ably supported by Fuze’s global connectivity backbone to deliver robust telephony services and market-leading video and web conferencing capabilities.

The very backbone Microsoft can’t seem to perfect.

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