Keeping Your Security Posture Under Observation

19 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen our lives changed significantly.

Businesses have been sent home to stay safe, and so have the hackers. We’ve all read the reports about increased threat levels during this already difficult time. It’s clear from the number of new threats cropping up that while we’re all staving off the boredom by watching Tiger King, hackers are occupying their time by coming up with new and more creative ways to cause harm to individuals and businesses alike.

IT teams around the globe have been under pressure to deploy hastily hatched remote working strategies. Now that their employees are safely locked in their living rooms with their shiny new laptops and video conferencing software, they’re shifting their focus towards keeping them secure whilst they work from home.

Security provisioning can be a bit like pandemic stockpiling, you’re told there’s going to be limited access to loo roll, so you head out and buy 40 rolls (even though there’s only two of you in your household).  Equally, when you hear about the latest big new threat, it’s all too tempting to dash out and buy a silver bullet tool to tackle that one problem.

Maybe, like the rest of the nation queuing outside their local Sainsbury’s, CISOs should take a moment to pause before making distress purchases and ask themselves the now all-too familiar question: “is it an essential purchase?”

Make Your Existing Stack Work Harder

You may already have numerous tools in your stack that could be recalibrated to provide the additional support you’re seeking. With a security toolbox that’s overflowing with tools it can be difficult to identify where your stack’s strengths and weaknesses lie and establish whether certain areas could be better-protected, or if protection is being duplicated in other areas.

What if you could prevent reactive security provisioning with a tool that gave you true visibility into the hygiene of your existing stack, squeezing every last drop of value out of your existing tools, recommending only the necessary tools to plug the gaps and letting you know when you can offload ineffective tools? Guaranteed full security coverage from a tool that also helps you look after your pennies. Sounds dreamy huh?

You’ll know by now that we’re big fans of Cyber Observer. This is, after all, the final part of a three-part series that explores their provisioning tool. We’ve already uncovered how it can help CISOs to validate their security expenditure and find the gaps in their security posture. Once Cyber Observer has helped you get your existing tools in order to best defend your business, it’s actually only just getting started. At a time when the world needs to focus on maintaining their own good health, Cyber Observer stays on top of your security health for you, freeing up your IT team’s time to focus on other projects.

Establish the Norm & Spot the Anomalies

Just as a doctor would compare the relationships between a list of symptoms to diagnose a problem, so too does Cyber Observer. Cyber Observer’s patented ObserverSecurity Framework is comprised of 9 core domains that are each constantly monitored to build a comprehensive security framework:

Account Management, Malware Defence, Secure Network, Secure Configuration, Secure Applications, Secure Data, Incident Management, Security Assessment and Peripheral Security.

The relationship between each of these domains is unique to every organisation that employs Cyber Observer, and Cyber Observer analyses this to calculate a baseline behavioural norm for your organisation’s overall security hygiene, and that of each individual tool within it. By continuously monitoring the behaviour of your entire posture, with near-real time accuracy, Cyber Observer is able to alert users when performance deviates from the established standard.

Diagnose & Protect Before the Costs Mount Up

Ultimately, the quicker you can catch an issue, the less damage will be done, and the less it will cost you financially. When a potential problem arises, the simple dashboard allows users to instantly spot where the issue lies, and the tool makes recommendations as to what the best fix will be. This may mean recalibrating an existing tool or it may mean that you are required to source a new tool. If it’s the latter, you can confidently validate the purchase, knowing that Cyber Observer has enabled you to make an informed decision.

If you’d like to speak to us about Cyber Observer, then just give us a call, we’re always up for a chat. Contact us today on or call 020 7078 0789. If you don’t fancy chatting about Cyber Observer, then why don’t we talk cloud and email security, communications platforms, cutting-edge IT solutions whether you’re binge-watching the newest tv shows or revisiting old classics.

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