Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit – The Review

20 Jul 2020

As with everything Mimecast does, the 2020 Cyber Resilience Summit was an unmitigated success. Virtual of course, but that didn’t stop the great and the good of the world’s IT and cybersecurity professionals gathering to hear from a stellar roster of keynote speakers including the second most famous Steve in all of computing, Silicon Valley demi-god and Apple co-founder Steve ‘The Wizard of Woz’ Wozniak, Crowdstrike’s CEO George Kurtz and CTO Mike Sentonas, Mimecast’s CEO and co-founder Peter Bauer and Chief Strategy Officer Christina van Houten and Dutch Paratriathlon world champion Jetze Plat, a man who quite literally defines the word ‘resilience’.

If that wasn’t enough, the summit featured a host of technical training and educational breakout sessions that taught delegates how to better protect their businesses and organisations at their perimeters, outside of their perimeters and from within from the primary attack vendor – email.

We have identified some major takeaways form this year’s Cyber Resilience Summit, but first…


A Word From Our Sponsor….


No digital summit that wasn’t originally intended to be virtual can pass without a nod to how the Covid-19 public health crisis has affected us as an industry and Peter Bauer, Mimecast CEO couldn’t have put it any better or more succinctly. Here is what he said, verbatim, in full:

‘If the COVID-19 public health crisis has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. This includes understanding the value of diverse supply chains, having local or alternative sourcing and avoiding excessive dependency on highly centralized arrangements. It has helped us recognize the reality and necessity of a Plan B, when Plan A encounters an unprecedented event. In a sense, this has really underscored the importance of community and working together to build more cyber resilient organizations every day.’

‘Cyber resilience is only one piece of the puzzle. Diversification and diversity are also showing up as pillars of resilience at these times. The opportunity divide is possibly the biggest barrier to social justice in our society. We are simultaneously battling as an industry with many unfilled roles and a significant cyber skills gap. Cyber Resilience Summit is a place for us to discover ways in which we, as IT and security professionals, can make things better in our organizations, and in the world.’

Not just a message for the IT security industry but a sound metaphor for life. Can you see now why we’re such big fans of Mimecast?


The Three Es


Writing for South African tech site IT-online, Kathy Gibson reported on the keynote talk from Mimecast Chief Strategy Officer Christina van Houten who discussed their new E-cubed strategy.

Put rather abstractly, E-cubed is the guiding principles in how the team delivers solutions and it stands for the three Es – economics, experience and ecosystem.

Economics No matter how much or how little you have, every business wants to do more than they have people or money to do. ‘We can all relate to having spent on something that didn’t give us what we wanted to achieve’ says van Houten.

What inevitably happens is that because the average enterprise has up to 75 cybersecurity applications running and with a limited skillset to know each one intimately, it creates a situation of diminishing returns.

Their extensible cloud security platform enables Mimecast to achieve orchestrated resilience visualised through Safe Score. This helps businesses to see exactly what they are doing and points them towards actions that improves their score. In addition, said orchestrated resilience included within the workflow immediately remediates issues and the information gleaned helps to take down fake websites.

You may not need a whole new solution stack to solve a particular issue. What we are trying to overcome is the vendor sprawl problem. Christina van Houten

Experience Security is no longer a dark solution, so experience is important to achieve efficacy. Here at Koncise we’ve been banging on about this for a while – for security to work, everyone from the top down has to be engaged with the fight and businesses have to switch tactics from (and please excuse the Americanism) offence to defence.

Businesses need help to set up their cybersecurity systems and to get them working as efficiently as possible as well as communicating properly with the end users which is why they have introduced Your First 30 Days.

In the meantime their Framework solution helps security professionals to understand where they are and, perhaps more importantly, how to get to where they need to be.

Ecosystems Addressed on three fundamental levels by Mimecast, ecosystems are important for all businesses.

First is the power of a global community defence. Mimecast now has a global connected defence system peopled by 38,000 enterprise and 13 million individual users that offers round-the-clock protection.

Second is recognising the Mimecast relationship to Office 365. This helps to increase resilience for the majority of users who rely on Office 365.

Third, and more holistically, Mimecast is an important piece of the puzzle for users.

‘They need to get the most out of Mimecast and also their other solutions. The Mimecast API ecosystem helps them to tap into all the solutions available.’ Christina van Houten


Woz Speaks


You can’t really get much better for a closing keynote than Mimecast CEO and co-founder Peter Bauer and Apple legend Steve Wozniak having a chat about innovation, AI, cybersecurity, business ethics and philanthropy.

In true Woz fashion, he really opened up and any genius credited with inventing the first personal computer, who is renowned for his strong ethical approach to business, who knows how to disrupt an entire industry and who has made concerted efforts to give back to society absolutely, positively must be listened to!

Click here and read it for yourself, in all it’s wonderful glory, and let’s leave the last word to the big man:

Steve Jobs didn’t have the academic background and the employment skills to get a start in a big company and my computer would have gotten nowhere without a business. He had me and I had him. Each of us on our own probably wouldn’t have made it.

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