Mimecast – Is It Time To Switch?

14 Jan 2019

OK, so the title of this blog is a little misleading.

Of course it’s not time to switch from Mimecast, but is it time to switch your Mimecast reseller?

It’s hard to say.

Over the last six months or so we’ve been seeing an increase – to the tune of 25-30 a month – in the number of enquiries from businesses who already use Mimecast but aren’t happy with the service they’re getting from their reseller.

Now we must make one thing very clear. Ours is not to judge. There is an attrition rate for every business in every industry. Suppliers will always gain customers but they will always lose customers. It’s the natural order of things, but why do some businesses lose customers and some win customers?

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman wrote that ‘the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits’ and while that may be true on some level, we think it’s a somewhat outdated concept in today’s world of choice.

Back in the day, your decision to engage with a business was based on ‘yes or no’. They either provided the service you needed or they didn’t.

Now, it’s ‘this or that.’ There are lots of businesses selling the same products and services so how do you pick?

Why choose Netflix over Amazon Prime? BMW over Audi? Tesco over Sainsbury’s?

To put it in a way we think everyone will understand, how many times over the last year have you seen this post on Facebook –

‘Can anyone recommend a good local plumber who doesn’t charge the earth?’

Scroll through the responses and you’ll fine the mobile numbers for nine local plumbers as well as some reasons why you shouldn’t use a particular one.

So how on earth do you choose? What will influence your decision to go with one plumber over another, just because someone you went to primary school says they’re reliable?

In this case, what will influence you to switch to Koncise to supply Mimecast rather than the people who already supply it to you?


Why Do You Buy The Stuff You Buy?


First, like most people you’ll focus on product quality and price. If you’re happy with both, you’ll click ‘Buy’ but there are other factors in place that consciously or not, we use to influence our purchasing decisions.

Peer Reviews – People do actually read them and better still, act on them.

Research – People gather information from a number of sources, not just primary school adversaries.

Going With The Majority – The old adage of ‘if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me’ still applies.

Keep It Simple – Will it do what I need it to do? Yes. Is it cost effective? Yes. Have I heard of the seller? Yes. Sold.

So, back to Mimecast. If you are thinking of switching your reseller, what will influence your decision to come to us over the other resellers in the market who sell exactly the same product at the same or very similar price points?


Here‘s Why We Think Clients Come To Us (And Stay With Us)


1. We know Mimecast like the guys at Mimecast know Mimecast. Having worked with them for years, we have some very good friends as well as old colleagues there and we can call on exactly the right person for assistance.

2. The relationship we have with them is personal, not just a client/customer one. They help us because they want to, not because they have to.

3. Because of 1 and 2, we can respond to your questions without waffling through a half-baked answer, we can offer you meaningful product and usage advice and we can guide you through their ever-increasing service offering.

4. Clients like us. We’re nice guys. We’re here to help.

5. We regularly undertake managed implementations for new clients so they can take advantage of the benefits immediately instead of waiting for IT to get round to it.

6. We review your Mimecast usage every year and should we need to, we will implement upgrades, tweak your existing configurations and suggest recommendations so that you’re getting optimum performance and above all, value for money.


Here ‘s Why We Think Mimecast Likes Us


Actually, to blow our own trumpets for a sec, we know they like us, and not because we got a Christmas card from them. We were voted Mimecast Customer Excellence Partner 2018 which reinforces our commitment to them and their commitment to us. It’s the only one of Mimecast’s partner awards chosen by their own customer-facing employees and awarded to the partner (in this case, us) they deem to have our mutual clients’ best interests at the forefront of their operation.

We’re in their global Top 30 Partners list, Ben has worked with them for over 10 years and Stephen worked there for five years.

It’s a proper partnership, and in this world of constant chopping and changing to get the best deal, some things are worth sticking around for.


The Small Print…


This isn’t about us touting for business. We’re busier than we’ve ever been. This is us making sure you’re getting exactly what you need from Mimecast but if you’ve got any nagging doubts, we’re happy to help you realise what you’ve got and the value you can extract from it (and us!)

For more information about Mimecast, email us today on info@koncisesolutions.com or call 020 7078 0789.


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