Preview – Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit 2020

02 Jun 2020

Last year we were (metaphorically speaking) in Texas for the first Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit. For 2020 we’ll all be at home on June 23rd and 24th for the second, and this year they are asking us to ‘Think Beyond.’

In their own words, ‘The world has changed in a way that we could never have imagined. The impact requires us to Think Beyond how we view and achieve cyber resilience today.’


What Can We Expect From Cyber Resilience Summit II: The Sequel


Spread over two half-days, the world’s IT and security professionals will converge online to gain valuable know-how, innovative ideas and actionable tools to build the new resilience paradigm for what is rapidly becoming a tired cliché – the new normal.

‘I learned so much this year and I know there will be just as much available for me to learn next year. We have to be prepared for any kind of threat getting into our network and I think cyber resilience is what puts us back on our feet immediately after an attack.’
Denise Harwell, Enterprise Messaging Engineer, Cleveland Clinic

As with last year but all from the comfort of the home office – and at the same time saving the GDP of Switzerland on airline tickets, hotel rooms, swanky corporate dinners and far too much time at the hotel bar with people you’ve only ever spoken to via Slack and email – there will be breakout sessions, keynote speakers, tech tips & tricks, educational workshops and, in true conference speak, much, much more!

Last year there was a stellar keynote speaker line up, can this year’s possibly top it?

Yes it can.


Really? Who’s On The List?


They’ve only signed up Woz, the second most famous Steve in all of computing!

He really needs no introduction. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc, primary designer of the Apple II, a major influential voice during the development of the first Apple Mackintosh, entrepreneur, philanthropist and cult icon will be talking about ‘Innovation in a Time of Disruption.’

The Wizard of Woz will spend time with Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer discussing how people can think differently in a time of disruption, how to stay out in front and provide solutions before people see a problem, and how you can create simplicity with intentional design ideology.

Another dynamic duo on the keynote list are George Kurtz and Mike Sentonas, respectively CEO and CTO of CrowdStrike, developers of what they believe to be the ‘first cloud-native endpoint protection platform’ and they will present their perspective on the cyber resilience imperative, the value of automated threat intelligence, proactive threat hunting and the importance of integrating security controls.

According to the marketing fluff, ‘you will walk away with a clear understanding of the latest cyber threats proliferating in the time of Covid-19 and a plan on how to make security teams more efficient by integrating security controls.’

Then there’s the guy who literally defines the word ‘resilience.’ Jetze Plat. Born in Amsterdam in 1991 with two stunted legs, he used a handcycle to get to school. He started practicing the sport of para-cycling and has grown to become a world-class para-triathlete culminating in one bronze and one gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

He will share his inspiring story of resilience and his journey to achieving his ultimate goals and if anything is noted down as a ‘must-listen’, this is it.


2019 Highlights


We weren’t sure if it was possible to boil down a tech summit into three numbers but Mimecast have managed it:

  • 95% walked away with information that made them more knowledgeable
  • 95% had valuable interactions with industry experts and peers
  • 90% were likely to recommend the summit to a friend or colleague

Gotta be broadly happy with those figures.

‘I came to the Cyber Resilience Summit because I wanted to network with my peers and learn more about the tools and make sure I’m actually using them correctly. Cyber resilience is always a fight. You’ll never top needing to look at new processes and technologies. To me, cyber resilience is always being on the cutting edge and being aware of your surroundings.’
Andrew Wulff, Network Engineer, MSA Professional Services

We will of course write a review of the summit in the first week of July but last year is was more about making people understand what cyber resilience is and how vitally important it is for businesses of all sizes. You can read what we wrote last year here but to confirm what you’re all thinking – it is your business’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks and data breaches while continuing to operate effectively.


2020: The Facts


Do you need to be a Mimecast customer to attend? No

How much does it cost to attend? Nothing

What does the agenda look like? They’ve not released it yet but as soon as they do it will be here.

Can we virtually network? Yes, there will be space in the agenda for networking with peers, Mimecast experts and what they delightfully call their ‘ecosystem of technology alliance partners in the one-of-a-kind Resilience Hub.’

How can I register? Go here.

If you’re an IT or cybersecurity professional, the Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit really should be on your list of things to do in June.

Let’s leave the last word to Greg Berkin, VP of IT & Cybersecurity and CIO at Caladrius Biosciences who said –

There needs to be a revelation in terms of the cybersecurity industry, not just from a technology standpoint but more so a human touch standpoint. The fact is that we need to get these doors and these windows closed at 100% success rate so we know that there are no deficiencies anymore. That will bring me undoubtedly to the next summit.

Cyber resilience means keeping abreast of what’s out there in the market; the threats, the technologies that are available, and creating a recipe that works within an organisation.

Hard to argue with that.

Contact us today on or call 020 7078 0789 and we’ll talk cloud and email security, communications platforms, cutting-edge IT solutions or whether (hypothetically) you’ve run out of boxsets to watch and you’re looking for recommendations. Erm, have you seen anything that you think we might like?


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