Snow & Work:
Uneasy Bedfellows

05 Feb 2019

SPOILER ALERT – These days they shouldn’t have an impact at all.

Who remembers this:

When it snowed, there was a note on the school gates – presumably put there by a plucky caretaker – saying ‘School Closed Due To Heavy Snow.’ In order to know if the school was closed, you had to go to school.

The same used to happen at work. If it was too treacherous to come in, you’d call in with some half-baked excuse that you can’t get your car out or the trains are knackered.

Halcyon times. A free day to bed in, watch telly, drink tea and chill. Or go outside and make snow angels.

Then someone invented the internet and it all changed.

In an instant, the free days were gone, never to return.

Thanks, Mr Berners-Lee…

As you’ll read in any article eschewing the benefits of cloud technology, it’s inherent beauty is that it’s accessible from anywhere there is a decent internet connection, and these days, that’s almost everywhere.

That means you can get to your email, all the documents you need, all the passwords you need and every file on your office intranet and shared drive. From your tablet or phone. When you’re outside telling the kids off for throwing snowballs at passing cars (but secretly wishing you could get away with doing it too).

Cloud technology has revolutionised how we work. It’s as if someone pre-empted the fact that in the UK, as soon as the fourth snowflake hits, infrastructure grinds to a halt but productivity can carry on regardless.

While cloud technology is a remarkable boon to virtually every business that has adopted it, said businesses shouldn’t take it for granted that because their critical data is not stored on big clunky servers in the server room anymore, it’s safe from wandering hands.

We’re not Canada or Sweden or Russia where snowfall is measured in metres rather than millimetres like it is here so we don’t get that many days where snow precludes us from going to work but on the odd occasion it does, like it did for a lot of us last Friday, we need to be set up to work remotely and most importantly, securely.

Speaking of security, back in September we published a blog called IT Security 101 so if it does snow and your staff are forced to work from home for a couple of days, make sure you have your IT security basics nailed down and everyone should be OK!

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