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03 Mar 2020

What’s worse than the combined force of a tension headache, a migraine and a cluster headache? A CISO’s cyber security-induced headache.

The CISO’s role is widely accepted as being one of the most stressful positions within the industry, with the average ‘time in office’ being just 18-24 months [1]. Staying on top of the ever-changing threat landscape is a constant challenge for every business. Big or small, kicking back with a cuppa is not an option for any organisation’s security leader and their team.


The Security Tool Juggling Act


It’s been stated that the average SMB currently has a security stack composed of anywhere between 15-60 security tools. As businesses scale up, so do the number of potential entry points for data breaches. This means that for enterprise businesses, the average number of tools rises to a staggering 75 [2].

With so many tools to juggle and manage, IT teams regularly find themselves with a complex security posture that is difficult not only to administer but also to quantify in terms of overall health and resilience. And yet, the threats just keep coming and the need to extend your protection keeps increasing. For an organisation’s board members who aren’t at the coalface of cyber security, the endeavour of protecting your data can feel like a never-ending project that swallows money.


Wrangle Board Boredom


The levels of board engagement with security issues vary greatly across businesses. Despite a huge array of headline-hitting data breaches, the number of boards who actively pursue a safer security posture are still firmly in the minority. At the 2019 RSA Conference, CISO’s raised the concern that: “Most board members leave security updates […] unsure of whether security is really under control or what to do.” Enabling board members to visualise their organisation’s security posture is arguably one of the most difficult parts of any CISO’s job.

And so, the headache grows… Time for an aspirin? We thought so!


Million-Dollar View


You might want to take a look at Cyber Observer. It’s unique in that it unifies everything that’s important from across your entire security stack into a single pane of glass, providing CISOs and their board of directors with a ‘million dollar view’ like you’ve never seen before.

You can see in near real-time which tools are working, which aren’t, and where the gaps are that you need to plug. Nifty, huh?

Users can generate unlimited views of their security stack’s performance, creating live views that can be anything from role-based, to security-based or IT services based, or ones that support organisations’ specific audit processes. The views are easy to digest, accessible to non-IT folk and invaluable for time-poor teams.

That’s not all it can do.


Unlock Unused Value In Your Existing Stack


With every new threat discovered, shiny new tools are released to target the problem. These ‘silver bullet’ tools are usually drafted in to defend against highly specific threats, and lurk at the back of your security cupboard, waiting for that particular event to strike. These applications often hold untapped potential to offer wider protection which Cyber Observer can help to unlock.

Cyber Observer diagnoses which applications aren’t being fully utilised, revealing to IT teams where a spot of reconfiguration could prevent accidental protection duplication. It assesses each tool’s individual performance, whilst also examining how it works within the wider stack. This allows you to have a holistic view of your entire ecosystem any time, any day, anywhere.

In fact, it’s been calculated that by maintaining good cyber hygiene, and making sure your security tools are optimised to perform at their best, 80% of threats can be mitigated using existing measures without running after the latest tech [3]. Cyber Observer helps you to extract more value from the tools you already own, and empowers you to truly validate your existing security investments.


Prevent Overspending


Of course, we would love nothing more than to say that Cyber Observer will be the last security tool you’ll ever buy, but we all know that wouldn’t be true. Instead, its ingenuity is in squeezing out the maximum value from your existing tools and protecting you from overspending on tools that duplicate functionality.

Cyber Observer’s innovation doesn’t end there. Next month, we’ll be bringing you the lowdown on the how the tool uses gap analysis to help validate and substantiate your business case for future security expenditure.

To arrange a free Cyber Observer demo contact us today on or call 020 7078 0789. Alternatively, drop us a line if you fancy a chat about cloud and email security, communications platforms, cutting-edge IT solutions or whether Galaxy or Dairy Milk is the superior option…

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