We are pleased to announce our Partnership with Egress

23 Sep 2022

Egress are a UK founded and Headquartered Cybersecurity Vendor with 4 core components to their platform designed to help keep business data and people safe: Secure Workspace, Secure Encrypted E-Mail, Prevention of Misdirected E-Mails and Attachments and lastly, Advanced Anti-Phishing capabilities thanks to their 2021 acquisition of GCHQ accelerator firm, Aquilai.

Ben Konopinski, Founder of Koncise Solutions, said:

Quarterly ICO Data Security Incident Reports have shown misdirected E-Mails consistently appearing towards the top reported causes of Data Security Incidents with organisations operating in Finance, Legal and Healthcare sectors typically reporting the highest number of these incidents. 

Egress’ platform helps protect against simple human mistakes, as well as more malicious inbound threats with minimal user friction, low overheads for IT Admins and clear insight into the data behind detections to support Governance, Risk and Compliance Teams.

On average amongst Egress’ client base, 1.5 incidents of misdirected E-Mails or Attachments per user per quarter are detected and prevented.

As a platform, there’s a clear fit within our portfolio but it was also Egress’ culture and emphasis on client success that stood out to us.  We’re lucky to enjoy close, trusting relationships with our clients and it’s important to us that the Vendors we work with are easy for both us and our clients to work with.  We’re very excited to be working together!”

Dan Hoy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Egress, said:

“We’ve enjoyed getting to know Ben and his Team.  It’s clear from working with them even at this early stage they have the respect of their clients who trust them to make technology recommendations in a consultative fashion.

With the NHS and Cafcass using our Egress Protect service to ensure sensitive data and information shared over E-Mail is kept secure we felt our platform offered point of difference for Koncise’s Legal and Healthcare clients, especially as our service allows for E-Mails to remain discoverable within Mimecast which many of Koncise’s clients use for Archiving and eDiscovery of E-Mails. 

Our team have certainly enjoyed the transparency with which they operate and our early joint successes in helping keep clients more secure today, than they were yesterday.”

To learn more, please see www.koncisesolutions.com/solutions/egress or contact info@koncisesolutions.com.

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