Never again question what assets you have or if they're secure

The Simple Solution to Cybersecurity Asset Management

Axonius is an agentless platform that connects to the security and management tools you already use to give customers exactly three things:

1. Get a credible, comprehensive and current asset inventory

2. Uncover security gaps

3. Automatically validate and enforce security policies

Understand your assets

  • Discover coverage gaps
  • Enforce security policies
  • Make your asset inventories easy and accurate
  • Get a unified view of all your assets, users, vulnerabilities, and more
  • The only solution of its kind

Who Are Axonius?

Axonius answers a simple question – why is it so difficult to find the information about the devices, users, and cloud instances we’re tasked with securing?

Founded in 2017 by three former elite intelligence agents of the Israeli Defence Force, their task is – despite the cutting-edge tools available – to solve the asset management challenge for cybersecurity.


'Axonius is an excellent asset management tracking tool and is especially good at tracking risk as it relates to cyber assets in the environment' - Gartner

Easy Asset Management

General asset management is hard, especially when it comes to tracking cyber assets after deployment. Axonius helps solve this by tying all the information available about assets into one easy-to-view and easy-to-query UI.

Empowering Action

The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform empowers you to get answers and take action with a unified view into all your assets and their security coverage.

A Complete Inventory

With integrations to 317 sources of business data and no agents to install, Axonius inventories all your assets in a matter of hours.

Identify Coverage Gaps

Got gaps? Not anymore. Use ongoing or one-off queries to discover how each asset stacks up against your cybersecurity policies.

Validate Security Policies

Problem found? Problem solved. Leverage custom enforcement sets, set triggers, and automate responses to optimize your security policy enforcement.