Make better, faster decisions about cyber risk with BitSight, the only Security Rating with proven correlation to business outcomes.

Make Better Cybersecurity Decisions, Faster

Given the global environment of increasing cyber attacks and leaks, gaining a view of the risks presented to your organization is no longer just nice to have, but a must to stay competitive. Investors and the board are questioning executives about how they are supporting the business’s cybersecurity practices and hygiene, creating top-down pressure on security managers to demonstrate how they are performing, and what the current and potential financial risks are to the organization.

BitSight: Bringing Universal Understanding to Cyber Risk

BitSight offers the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution with a mission to change the way the world addresses cyber risk. See why more than 50% of global insurance premiums are written by BitSight customers and 20% of global governments use our data to protect national security.

Who are Bitsight?

BitSight is committed to creating trustworthy, data-driven, and dynamic measurements of organizational cybersecurity performance derived from objective, verifiable information. To reinforce this belief, BitSight established the guidelines for responsible development of security ratings. In 2017, BitSight helped create the “Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings,” (PDF) a series of practices developed alongside some of the world’s largest and most risk-focused companies. These Principles affirm the critical role of security ratings in society and the important responsibility that BitSight holds in creating these measurements. Learn more