Cyber Observer

Empowering CISOs To Make Insightful Decisions

Find the gaps in your security ecosystem before someone else does… Cyber Observer is a holistic cybersecurity management solution delivering end-to-end real-time posture and awareness so you can see exactly where you are, all the time.

Measure the status of your security environment

  • Start seeing ROI in weeks, not months
  • Weight, score-based UI working for you
  • Deploy remotely to any enterprise network
  • Continuous behavioural monitoring
  • Delivering insight and awareness


With years of experience developing large scale, complicated software development for, amongst many others, the Israeli Prime Minister Office’s Center for Computing and Information Systems and the Israeli Defense Forces, Cyber Observer develops and markets Cyber Security architecture management tools providing corporate officers with comprehensive, visual, real-time performance overview, critical security control (CSC) analysis.


Cyber Observer empowers CISOs to make insightful decisions to ensure an organisation’s security environment is as secure as it needs to be.

  • Tools Status – based on manufacturers’ best practices and industry recommendations, Cyber Observer provides internal scoring on your current Security Tools configurations and presents the optimisation status of your tools
  • Security Views – Conforming to industry-recognised frameworks and critical security control, Cyber Observer provides real-time assessments of all your security domains and offers recommendations for improvements
  • Coverage Status – Based on a given industry framework, Cyber Observer provides an on-going cybersecurity program, gap analysis and risk mitigation management to enhance and protect your security environment
  • Deviation From Normal Behaviour – Leveraging real-time monitoring of your security tools and domains, Cyber Observer’s core engine provides continuous analytics and alerts in case of deviation from normal behaviour


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