Cyber Observer

From chaos to order - delivering real-time cybersecurity posture and awareness.

Continuous Controls Monitoring for End-to-End Cybersecurity Visibility

Cyber Observer is the world’s premier continuous controls monitoring (CCM) solution.

It enables security and risk management leaders to continuously monitor enterprise tools and align their cybersecurity posture with major frameworks, regulations, and standards.

Continuous end-to-end security program awareness

  • Reduce Risk – full visibility that assures your security posture
  • Reduce Complexity – manage every tool in your infrastructure from one dashboard
  • Reduce Costs – automate your data, reporting and tasks to save you time and money
  • Seamless Integration – use Cyber Observer with the most-used security tools

Who Are Cyber Observer?

With years of experience developing large scale, complicated software development for, amongst many others, the Israeli Prime Minister Office’s Center for Computing and Information Systems and the Israeli Defense Forces, Cyber Observer develops and markets world-class cyber security architecture management tools.

These tools provide corporate officers with comprehensive, visual, real-time performance overview, critical security control (CSC) analysis.


With Cyber Observer, you gain comprehensive visibility across the performance of your security infrastructure by integrating dozens of the most popular security tools into a single intuitive interface.

This enables businesses to monitor tool performance and maintain alignment with cybersecurity, business, and regulatory frameworks.

Thousands of predefined CSCs

Cyber Observer comes out-of-the-box with over 5,000 pre-defined critical security controls. These CSCs are mapped to pre-defined views and are based on industry best practices and recognised cybersecurity standards.

Self-assessment and questionnaire capability

The Cyber Observer platform enables businesses to create self-assessments against frameworks and standards.  They can use our out-of-the-box, ready-to-use self-assessments in combination with their own custom-built self-assessments based on their requirements.

High-powered analytics engine

Cyber Observer’s analytics engine continuously monitors all of a business’s cyber and IT tools to collect highly valuable data which is used to understand normal behaviour. Any deviations from normal behaviour are flagged with real-time alerts.

Quick and easy implementation

The Cyber Observer platform is delivered in an easy-to-install virtual appliance together with a simple manual explaining how to share read-only credentials with the data sources. The platform is typically up and running in 3-4 hours.

Immediate flexibility

Once you have reviewed Cyber Observer’s out-of-the box views, you can immediately copy, paste, or modify those views, or create an unlimited amount of new views and security domains from scratch. Businesses can also build and add new CSCs. These customisations can be based on critical assets, specific teams, SOCs, auditor needs, locations, and many more categories.

Cloud & on-premises data sources

Cyber Observer can retrieve information from hybrid environments and the platform supports the connection of unlimited on-premises and/or cloud tools and services.