Cymulate is the world leader in Continuous Security Validation. Simulate. Evaluate. Remediate.

Cymulate gives you complete visibility across the full cyber kill chain

Know your security gaps by proactively challenging your security controls, people and processes with the world’s most comprehensive SaaS-based security validation platform.

Cymulate runs as often as you’d like so you stay up-to-date and your company stays continuously secure.

Illuminate your security posture

Don’t assume. Gain the visibility you require to continuously and simply optimise your security posture.

  • Customisable attack framework
  • Security stack integrations
  • Threat intelligence-led assessments across the full kill-chain
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box validation
  • Download a single lightweight agent to get a full view of your company’s security posture and changes to your environment

Who Are Cymulate?

Formed by an elite team of Israeli intelligence officers, their mission is to empower businesses and make advanced cybersecurity as simple and familiar as sending an e-mail.

Cymulate analyses everything including web apps, email, phishing and endpoints. It simulates thousands of threats, offers detailed reports showing exactly where and how you are exposed, gives you specific directions for closing security gaps and optimises security controls to minimise your exposure to risk.


Cymulate is a breach and attack simulation platform that lets you protect your business at the click of a button.

Operating thousands of attack strategies, Cymulate shows you exactly where you’re exposed, and how to fix it.

Stay one step ahead

Cymulate helps companies to stay one step ahead of cyber-adversaries with a unique breach and attack simulation platform that empowers businesses with complex security solutions to safeguard their business-critical assets.

Simulate end-to-end attacks

Launch recon, email and web attacks, phishing campaigns, supply chain attacks and ransomware across the full cyber kill-chain. All from a fully customisable open framework with the most comprehensive repository of assessments and executions that meet the needs of both red and blue teams.

Gain immediate visibility

Know your current exposure, attackable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security gaps. Measure and track your security performance with a risk-score based on proven methodologies, including NIST, CVSS V3 and Microsoft DREAD.

Remediate with Actionable Insights

Optimise your security posture with clear guidance provided with each assessment. Prioritise resources, budget and remediation efforts based on end-to-end visibility to exposures and risk.

Easy to download, easy to use

No delays. No learning curves. Download a single lightweight agent to get a full view of your company’s security posture and changes to your environment. The Cymulate API provides easy access to data, results, and tasks to enable the full integration of Cymulate into an existing security framework and workflows.