Netskope takes a data-centric approach to cloud security, protecting data and users everywhere.

Cloud Security That's Cloud Smart

Cloud usage dominates the web, with cloud services making up the majority of enterprise web traffic. Securing this environment, without slowing down the business, demands a new security model based on contextual knowledge of the cloud.

Netskope enables you to take advantage of their intimate, contextual understanding of the cloud to apply effective security controls that enable you to safely use the cloud and web.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey

Netskope have a proven security platform that is data-centric, cloud-smart and as fast as your business.

  • Secure the cloud, web and private apps – protect users and data anywhere, on any device
  • Modernise your security programme – improve efficiency and performance for today’s cloud and mobile world
  • Upgrade your security stack – upgrade your existing tools with modern functionality built for today’s world

Who Are Netskope?

The true differentiator and building block with a company isn’t the product. It’s the culture.

Sanjay Beri, Netskope founder & CEO

Headquartered in California and with offices around the world, the vision of the company is to answer one question – how do you transform security to enable digital transformation?

Security has traditionally managed risk by applying heavy-handed controls, but today’s business wants to move fast without having velocity throttled. Netskope is redefining cloud, network, and data security, empowering security teams with the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure their  digital transformation journey.


The rapid adoption of cloud apps, services, and mobile devices has resulted in data going to places where traditional security technology is blind. Netskope takes a data-centric approach to cloud security, following data everywhere it goes. From data created and exposed in the cloud to data going to unmanaged cloud apps and personal devices, Netskope protects data and users everywhere.

Unrivaled visibility. Real-time data and threat protection

The Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope empowers teams with the right balance of protection and speed.

A data-centric, cloud-smart engine

Cloud XDTM decodes thousands of cloud services to understand content and context for granular policy controls and to enable multiple defense layers including data and threat protection with awareness of account instances and activity.

Choose one deployment method or combine multiple

Most customers choose to combine an API deployment with a forward and/or reverse proxy deployment, given the expanded use case coverage. This enables protection for data at rest in managed cloud apps in addition to real-time protection enabled by a proxy-based deployment.

Netskope NewEdge

Embracing a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture, NewEdge is the world’s largest, highest-performing security private cloud and powers the real-time, inline security services of the Netskope Security Cloud allowing security to be deployed at the edge where and when it’s needed.

Seamless third-party integration

Netskope’s open architecture enables seamless third party integration with market leading cloud applications and services. Customers can integrate their Netskope deployment with existing solutions within their environment to provide an integrated approach to tackling the most difficult security challenges.

Modern security without the duct tape

Unlike a cobbled-together set of security tools with multiple consoles to manage, Netskope provides an easy-to-use solution that was built from the beginning to be administered from a single console, simplifying overall security management.