The global leader in DMARC automation helps businesses address their day-to-day security challenges

Stop spoofing attacks and block email impersonation with OnDMARC

OnDMARC is a cloud-based application that lets business of all sizes in all sectors to quickly and efficiently configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for their legitimate sources of email.

  • Get full and complete visibility of your email landscape
  • Clear, actionable guidance giving you specific actions to follow
  • Secure your domain and protect your brand
  • Ongoing protection and very easy to implement, configure and use

Actively Block Phishing & Increase Email Deliverability

OnDMARC is a cyber security product that helps you manage your DMARC implementation to stop malicious email attacks and increase the deliverability of authorised emails.

  • Secure your domain to block cyber attacks via email
  • Ensure your emails reach the intended inbox rather than spam folders

Who Are Red Sift?

The award-winning cybersecurity company was founded to deliver data-driven cybersecurity solutions focused around email intelligence.

The business brings a consumer-first approach to cybersecurity, making as much of their product range self-service as possible and they stick to building essential technology that solves real world problems.

The OnDMARC platform has been specifically designed to be extremely intuitive with tools that help IT departments quickly and easily configure and change their DMARC, SPF and DKIM settings.


OnDMARC by Red Sift's award-winning cloud-based application enables businesses to utilise fast automated business email protection by quickly configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all legitimate email sources in weeks, not months.

Complete visibility of your entire email landscape

OnDMARC by Red Sift analyses and interprets complex Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance and gives you an easy-to-understand dashboard that clearly displays what’s happening across your email domain.

Set up and maintain a secure DMARC policy

OnDMARC stops people from trying to impersonate your domain, it won’t leave you susceptible to phishing attacks and will protect your domain from cybercriminals

By securing your domain, you are protecting your brand

Your brand is your most valuable business asset. OnDMARC is ISO27110:2013 accredited and will give you the tools your business needs to confidently secure your domain, block phishing attacks and improve email deliverability.

Full protection and ease of use

DynamicDMARC allows uses to link their DNS records to OnDmarc so they can update, populate and manage their DMARC and DKIM records from within the OnDmarc Administration Console. This offers huge benefits for those who don’t manage their own DNS settings.

Straightforward SPF Management

SPF records can be incredibly complex to manage but DynamicSPF automatically configures SPF records for companies in the same way as DynamicDMARC. The biggest benefit is that you avoid manual DNS updates.

Unlock the hidden information in email headers

Investigate from OnDMARC allows teams to send dummy emails from a sending source (CRM, ticketing systems, email security products, marketing systems etc) to see instantly how the service would perform against DMARC, DKIM and SPF checks enabling you to validate before sending and using.