Email security with unrivalled visibility into human behaviour

Tessian Automatically Stops Data Breaches Caused by Employees on Email

Powered by machine learning, Tessian provides unparalleled visibility into human security risks, automatically prevents security threats while continuously driving employees toward secure email behaviour through in-the-moment security training.

Tessian integrates within minutes, learns within hours, and starts protecting in a day closing the critical gaps in your email security stack.

Tessian's approach focuses on one single problem - preventing human error

Tessian gives you automatic protection against inbound and outbound email security threats caused by human error.

  • Using machine learning and heuristic models, Tessian’s Human Layer Security Engine detects and prevents threats in real-time
  • The platform offers real-time prevention of inbound and outbound email security threats like Spear Phishing Business Email Compromise, Misdirected Emails and Data Exfiltration
  • Through a combination of machine intelligence, deep content inspection, and stateful mapping of email relationships, Tessian turns your email data into your best defense against email security threats

With Tessian, you can build and deploy custom email communication rules, automatically prevent misdirected emails and stop email being sent to unauthorised accounts.


Who Are Tessian?

Former engineering-students-turned-investment-bankers Tom Adams, Ed Bishop and Tim Sadler found a gaping hole in the market that needed to be filled, and quick.

The mission of the business is to automatically protect individuals and enterprises from cyber-security threats in order to keep the world’s most sensitive data and systems private and secure.

‘Companies should make addressing this risk a top security priority. It’s human nature to fear scary things like hackers or malware, but we often don’t think twice about the dangers behind something as familiar and ingrained as sending an email. In reality that’s where an overwhelming threat lies.
Tessian CEO & Co-Founder Tim Sadler


Put simply, when you send an email, Tessian’s software checks to see if it's accidentally being sent to the wrong person or if it's being intentionally sent it to an unauthorised person.

Stop Misdirected Emails

Using machine learning, Tessian ensures emails reach the right recipient, preventing accidental email data breaches. Using historical data, deep content inspection and behavioural analysis, the platform identifies first-time contacts, flags anomalies and stops misdirected email in real-time.

Prevent Wrong Attachments

By using a combination of attachment scanning, natural language processing and deep content inspection to map email content to users, entities and projects, Tessian detects a variety of anomalies and warns when employees are about to send an attachment they shouldn’t.

Ensure a non-disruptive user experience

Tessian displays contextual warning messages with precise flag reasons about wrong recipients and attachments when it discovers anomalies. Employees see these alerts only when data-loss events are detected. It is non-intrusive and works on the background with no disruptions to productivity.

Easy and accurate reporting

Using Tessian’s Human Layer Security Intelligence, insights and analytics makes compliance reporting easy. To mitigate events, administrators can filter, view and track accidental data loss events prevented by type, either as misdirected email or mis-attached or wrong files using the portal.

Detection of anomalous signals

Using machine learning, behavioural analysis and NLP, Tessian detects a broad range of threat signals such as anomalous geophysical location, time email is sent, IP address, email client, unusual reply-to addresses, anomalous recipients, and more. Such granular analysis allows Tessian to detect anomalies in even the most sophisticated attacks.

Threat benchmark identification

Tessian’s Global Threat Network, a rapidly growing database of all known spear phishing, Business Email Compromise and other targeted impersonation attacks – helps identify and prevent inbound threats before they’re ever seen in your environment.

Granular threat visibility

Identify all the people-centric security threats related to your email environment and view them in a single dashboard for easy remediation. Get complete insight into accidental data loss, insider threats, advanced phishing attacks, and zero-day threats facing your business and prevented by Tessian.

Solid approach to email governance and data protection

Protect against non-compliant activity and prevent users from sharing confidential data with non-business, personal addresses/unauthorised recipients; track and block compliance breaches in real-time as well as warning the end user with customised messages on why the emails they are about to send are non-compliant and at risk.