Take back control of your software and application subscription costs

Discover every subscription and track every pound you spend

With Zylo, you will reduce cost and risk of SaaS with complete visibility of all your cloud-based applications, usage and spend.

The most comprehensive SaaS management platform on the market allows you to reduce redundant applications, proactively manage your renewals and most importantly, control your costs.

Utilise powerful machine learning to optimise your enterprise SAAS stack

  • Insight into spend, security, usage and renewals
  • See all your applications in a single view
  • Optimise the value and effectively manage every license
  • Measure adoption and utilisation
  • Govern with flexible oversight
  • Increase cost savings

Who Are Zylo?

Zylo’s vision was to create the world’s most powerful platform for unlocking the full potential of SaaS for customers, providers, and users.

Growing with unprecedented pace and unstoppable power, the subscription economy has brought incredible opportunities but with it, unseen challenges. Zylo unpick the challenges with transparency, cost savings and clear insight.

Zylo is trusted by some of the world’s leading tech brands including Slack, Zendesk, Adobe, Verizon Media, Salesforce, wework and Atlassian.


Zylo are revolutionising how enterprises manage their software. Through their unique platform, you can:

Discover and rationalize your SaaS portfolio

With Zylo-powered visibility, you can discover, categorise and monitor every SaaS application purchased and used within your business. Reduce overall costs, reduce redundant capabilities, and create a fully managed SaaS portfolio.

Identify & consolidate duplicated SaaS subscriptions into enterprise-level agreements

With Zylo’s Discovery Engine, you can identify if the same application has been purchased multiple times in your business and consolidate them into a single agreement.

Automate license rightsizing opportunities

You have the power to track all your SaaS application user licenses, feature usage and service consumption then take actions to optimise costs and reduce risk.

Proactively Manage SaaS Renewals

Operationalise the management of SaaS subscriptions through automated notifications, collaboration and data driven insights. No more missed renewals, an accurate record of managed SaaS apps, informed SaaS app selection based on existing capabilities and proactive, data-driven strategy for managing renewals.

Give users self-service access to pre-vetted and pre-approved SaaS applications

With Zylo’s App Catalogue, users can quickly view and request access to SaaS tools that enable greater productivity and crucially, profitability.