Make sending large files easy, secure and compliant


If you are looking for a solution that simplifies large file sending for users while keeping corporate information safe and secure, safeguarding compliance – you are in the right place. Now you can keep large file sending in-house. Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook is user friendly, secure and compliant – sending large files has never been simpler.

How it works?

With Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook the user sends the file as an email attachment within Outlook where it is then automatically held securely in the archive while the recipient receives a notification to download the file using a unique passcode. This process ensures the user’s inbox, the corporate network and storage are not impacted by the sending of large files – while also providing all the required governance and security protection. For the user, they can safely send large files that exceed current restraints without needing to leave their familiar email application or sign up for additional services.

Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook offers:

  • End user flexibility – Users can send files up to 2GB directly from Microsoft Outlook. They can also choose to receive download notifications so they can track when files are viewed by recipients or set limitations for how long the file is available. Files can also be sent to external recipients who are not Mimecast customers
  • Enhanced security – Content and Data Leak Prevention controls can be set centrally for sensitive information and all file uploads are encrypted (SSL) and stored with AES encryption
  • IT visibility and control – Administrators can be notified of policy breaches as well as determine the file size that can be sent and received within the organization
  • Increased storage – Large File Send offers increased mailbox storage capabilities and allows policies to be set to stop large attachments from being stored locally in end-user mailboxes

Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook will be available in three versions; Standard, Site License and Pro User as an extension to customers of Mimecast’s other services.


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