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Broadly speaking, there are two types of businesses that do what we do. One will try and sell you products and software and the other will concentrate more on technical services, managing your infrastructure and consultancy.


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At Koncise, we are less laser-focused on technical delivery and the hard sell and focused more on a double-handed approach. The immediate, measurable benefits include better protection, reductions in costs and complexities and giving you full control of your IT infrastructure but it’s the unseen benefits that we believe differentiates us.

We talk to you about ideas – yours and ours – as to how we can work together in the long-term to ensure we spot opportunities others may miss and thinking you may not have considered. The approach we take to IT and how it impacts your business is grounded in original thinking, world-class, award-winning technology and a cloud-first mentality that drives innovation, overcomes obstacles and gives you the confidence that we are not simply chasing your IT budget.

That’s what we mean by connecting the dots.

The future of IT is in the cloud so it’s up to us to deliver smart, secure, scalable and sustainable cloud-centric solutions that are ready when you are.

Meet Ben

Ben founded Koncise in mid 2012 after twelve years working for a number of IT businesses. After graduating with a Manufacturing Systems degree (and some time, alright, a lot of time, travelling) he got his first job selling third party network services. After 4 years and being one of the companies’ top performers, he took on a new challenge and joined a small (3 people) IT support company in London. He helped grow this to around 30 people and was integral in the acquisition and integration of two businesses during the 4 years he was there. After this, he joined Eurodata Systems and honed his skill advising and building relationships with medium and large organisations. After 4 years and due to Eurodata being sold (and a year later going into administration) Ben decided to start Koncise, based solely on his relationships with his long established clients and the Mimecast solution. Koncise has evolved and 11 years later has gone from strength to strength.

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We tackle complex problems, but we make protecting your employees, brand and data from cyber threats and compliance risks simple. Let’s discuss a customised plan that fits your needs.

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