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Axonius is an asset management platform that provides organisations with complete visibility and control over their IT environments.  

By integrating with over 900 data sources using your Security, Networking and Infrastructure tools, Axonius offers a unified view of all devices, users, and cloud instances, enabling IT and security teams to identify and mitigate risks quickly.  

The platform automates asset discovery, uncovers security gaps, and ensures policy enforcement, helping organisations improve their security posture and streamline compliance. 

Integrates with: Close to 1,000 Infrastructure, Networking, Security Tools and SaaS AppsFull list here. 

How to manage your IT assets

Axonius is crucial for IT and Information Security teams because it addresses the challenge of managing the growing array of assets within their organisation.  

By providing a centralised, up-to-date asset inventory, Axonius helps teams: 

  • Improve visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of all devices, users, and cloud instances. 
  • Identify risks: Uncover security gaps, unauthorised devices, and policy violations. 
  • Automate manual tasks: Eliminate time-consuming asset management processes. 
  • Strengthen security posture: Make informed decisions based on accurate asset data. 

With Axonius, teams can effectively manage and secure their IT environments, reducing risk and ensuring compliance. 

Category: Cyber Security and SaaS Asset Management 

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