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Drata is an automated compliance and security platform that streamlines the process of achieving and maintaining compliance with standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, Cyber Essentials and NIS2.  

By automating compliance tasks, Drata saves time, reduces costs and minimises the risk of human error. The platform continuously monitors and evidences systems to ensure they meet compliance standards and provides real-time visibility into an organisation’s compliance posture. 

Category: Automated Compliance Management 

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Drata simplifies complex processes

Drata is useful for IT and Information Security teams as it simplifies the complex process of achieving and maintaining compliance.   

Included in subscription costs is access to Drata’s Customer Success Team.  A Team made up ex-Auditors and Compliance professionals.  They are on-hand to guide customers through the compliance journey beyond a tick-box exercise to allow them to get meaningful change and positive impacts through compliance. 

Finally, Drata has partner with a series of forward-thinking Auditors who recognise how Drata can simplify and speed up compliance certification – both for Customers and Auditors.  Many of these Partner firms provide reduced, or fixed-fee certification costs compared to traditional audit firms who utilize an expensive per hour approach. 

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