Who are Egress

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Integrates with: Office365, KnowBe4, AzureAD and Crowdstrike 

Category: E-Mail Security 

Egress is a leading provider of intelligent email security solutions that help organisations protect sensitive data, prevent human error, and comply with data protection regulations.  

Their advanced machine learning technology and contextual analysis enables real-time detection and prevention of potential data breaches caused by misdirected emails, unauthorised sharing, or malicious content. 

How Egress integrates with Microsoft 365

Egress’ solutions seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, providing a user-friendly experience and minimising disruption to workflows. By offering features like real-time email scanning for advanced threats on inbound E-Mails, recipient validation for outbound E-Mails including for data being ex-filtrated, secure file sharing, and detailed reporting. 

Egress empowers IT and Information Security teams to maintain control over sensitive data and mitigate the risk of human error. 

In an era of increased remote work and heightened data privacy concerns, Egress’ intelligent email security solutions are crucial for organisations looking to protect their reputation, maintain customer trust, and avoid costly data breaches. By leveraging Egress’ technology, IT and Information Security teams can focus on more strategic initiatives while ensuring that their organisation’s email communications remain secure and compliant.

Egress Defend

Stop advanced phishing attacks.

Easy-to-deploy, intelligent detection technologies combine to defend against the most sophisticated phishing emails.

Egress Prevent

Stop accidental and malicious data loss

Monitor outbound email traffic and alert users to potential data breaches to stop them before they happen. Tightly integrated into the Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 ecosystem.

Egress Protect

Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption

Enable secure and compliant email communication without adding friction.

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