Who are Egress

Detect and prevent abnormal human behaviour on email.

Contextual machine learning that leverages social graph and pretrained deep neural networks to detect human error and data exfiltration.

Stop more advanced phishing attacks

AI-powered behavioural-based detection that uses zero-trust and pre-generative modeling to deliver the highest efficacy.

The only cloud email security platform to use an adaptive security model

By combining actionable intelligence with an adaptive security model, we prepare our customers to defend against attacks and breaches before they happen

Why Egress?

People are your biggest risk and are most vulnerable when using email.

The greatest challenge is identifying the next target or source of compromise.

Egress Defend

Stop advanced phishing attacks

Easy-to-deploy, intelligent detection technologies combine to defend against the most sophisticated phishing emails. Contextual, color-coded banners use nudge theory to reduce risk and augment security awareness and training.

Egress Prevent

Stop accidental and malicious data loss

Monitor outbound email traffic and alert users to potential data breaches to stop them before they happen. Tightly integrated into the Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 ecosystem, Prevent protects your organization from data breaches wherever they send emails.

Egress Protect

Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption

Enable secure and compliant email communication without adding friction. Make it easy for your teams, customers, and partners to work securely and prevent data leaks using encrypted email and simplified DLP policies.

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