Who are Island

Need to know

Island is a groundbreaking enterprise browser that revolutionises how organisations secure and control web access.  

Built with security at its core Island provides a comprehensive solution for protecting sensitive data, enforcing policies, and enhancing user productivity across all web applications. 

As it uses the same open-source Chromium software that is used to build Chrome and Edge web browsers that users are familiar with, Island balances familiarity for users with control and manageability for IT. 

What Island offers 

Island offers fine-grained controls, allowing IT and Information Security teams to define granular access policies, restrict data sharing, and prevent unauthorised actions. Its advanced features, such as built-in safe browsing, web isolation, and integrated password management, mitigate the risk of web-based threats and data leakage. 

As web-based applications become increasingly critical for business operations, Island’s enterprise browser provides teams with the necessary tools to secure and govern web access, safeguard sensitive data, and empower employees to work securely and efficiently from anywhere. 


Inside The Enterprise Browser

It’s not just about tightening security or boosting productivity. It’s a complete reimagining of what the browser can do for the enterprise.

Control everything happening inside the browser
  • Set policies for how your apps and data are used so everything stays right where it belongs
  • Create intelligent boundaries across all users, devices, apps, networks, locations, & assets so protections like DLP are naturally enforced, everywhere
  • Close the loop between SaaS, users, & your sensitive data so working anywhere is finally viable

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