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Complex Apple environments made effortless. Kandji condenses expansive Apple management into intuitive, automated workflows – perfect for small IT teams and those with limited Apple experience. 

With Kandji, IT and Information Security teams can easily deploy, manage, and secure Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices across their organisation. 

Kandji’s Features

Kandji’s automation features streamline device setup, app installation, and security configurations, saving time and reducing manual effort. Its granular security controls, including device encryption, password policies, and remote lock/wipe capabilities, ensure that corporate data remains protected. 

The platform’s real-time device inventory and compliance monitoring enable teams to maintain visibility and control over their Apple fleet, while its seamless integration with popular tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration and productivity. 

As Apple devices become increasingly popular in the workplace, Kandji’s MDM solution empowers organisations to efficiently manage and secure their devices, allowing employees to work safely and productively from anywhere.

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