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Need to know:

Pentera is a leading Automated Security Validation platform that enables organisations to test their cyber defences continuously and on-demand. 

In the face of evolving cyber threats, traditional annual penetration tests and vulnerability scans are no longer sufficient. Pentera empowers your security team to identify and remediate security gaps proactively. 

What can Pentera do?

By simulating real-world attacks across your network, endpoint, and cloud environments, Pentera provides a comprehensive view of your security posture.  

This allows you to prioritise remediation efforts based on actual risk exposure. 

With Pentera, you can validate your security controls, ensure compliance, and gain peace of mind knowing that your defences are effective against the latest attack techniques.

The Pentera platform reveals and prioritises the riskiest security gaps with research-driven Automated Security Validation to guide remediation and reduce your cyber exposure.

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