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RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, is a leading provider of third-party cyber risk management solutions. Their platform enables organisations to accurately assess and monitor the security posture of their vendors, suppliers, and partners. 

In today’s interconnected business landscape, an organisation’s cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest vendor. RiskRecon empowers businesses to take control of their third-party risk by providing continuous, comprehensive assessments. 

Using passive, non-invasive techniques, RiskRecon gathers and analyses vast amounts of data to build a detailed view of each third party’s security performance. This actionable intelligence allows organisations to make informed decisions about vendor relationships and risk mitigation strategies. 

With RiskRecon, businesses can streamline their vendor risk management programs, comply with regulatory requirements, and build resilience against cyber threats that may originate from their extended ecosystem. 

RiskRecon asset profiles are completely refreshed every two weeks, because even if a company owned an asset a month ago, it doesn’t mean that they still do. At the heart of our asset discovery are analysts who train supervised machine learning models for each company monitored. These models enable RiskRecon to efficiently mine the internet for company systems and to ensure accurate company asset attribution as companies shift over time.

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