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SentinelOne is transforming endpoint protection with their cutting-edge Singularity platform, which leverages AI and machine learning to deliver autonomous, real-time protection. 

As the enterprise perimeter dissolves and the number of connected devices grows exponentially, securing endpoints has become more challenging than ever. SentinelOne addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive, yet easy-to-manage solution. 

SentinelOne features

SentinelOne’s platform offers prevention, detection, and response capabilities in a single, lightweight agent. This unified approach eliminates the complexity and performance issues often associated with multiple-point solutions. 

With SentinelOne, security teams gain unparalleled visibility into their endpoint landscape and can quickly hunt down and neutralize threats using intuitive, context-rich forensics tools. The platform’s autonomous response capabilities provide an additional layer of defense, ensuring rapid containment of threats.

Always Evolving.Infinitely Intelligent.

Protect your organisation from any threat with the world’s most advanced AI-powered cybersecurity platform. With SentinelOne, you can secure tomorrow.

Category: Next Generation Anti-Virus
Integrates with: Arctic Wolf, Mimecast, Netskope, Okta

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