Who are SoSafe

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SoSafe is a leading cybersecurity awareness training platform that helps organisations effectively educate and empower their employees to become a strong line of defense against cyber threats. 

With human error being a significant factor in many successful cyberattacks, traditional one-size-fits-all training approaches often fall short. SoSafe addresses this challenge by delivering adaptive, engaging, and behaviour-changing training content. 

SoSafe’s Platform

SoSafe’s platform leverages scientific insights from behavioural psychology and learning theory to create training experiences that resonate with employees and drive lasting change. The platform’s interactive modules, realistic phishing simulations, and continuous reinforcement help employees develop the skills and habits needed to protect your organisation. 

With features like real-world phishing simulations, gamification elements, and actionable analytics, SoSafe provides organisations with the tools they need to continuously assess, train, and reinforce key cybersecurity behaviours across their workforce.

Cyber security awareness training and human risk management with people front of mind. Our award-winning platform changes behavior to secure your organisation’s human layer in security. Fully automated and with zero effort.

Category: Managed Security Awareness Training

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