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Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have become essential business tools, but they have also opened to the door to increased risk. Dangerous URLs and files can easily be shared, spreading like wildfire due to the instantaneous nature of the platform. How can you support productivity without sacrificing security? Enter Protection for Microsoft Teams. This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-administer solution delivers fully integrated protection for email and collaboration in a single platform.

Protection for Microsoft 365

Relying on M365 protection alone may leave your email and collaboration environments vulnerable to attack. Don’t take chances with your email security. Upgrade with advanced solutions for today’s threat landscape, delivered in the simplest way possible.

Mimecast’s Email Security Cloud Integrated Interactive Product Tour

We tackle complex problems, but we make it simple when it comes to protecting your communications, people and data.

Mimecast offers multiple plans designed to meet your organisation’s needs and enable you to Work Protected.

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